Feedback on draft Dairy Plan and next steps

Dear Dairy Industry Stakeholder,

Today we have published a short summary of industry feedback on the draft Australian Dairy Plan.

This document outlines themes and ideas in 19 items of feedback received from individuals and organisations prior to consultation closing on 19 March 2020. It provides an insight into remaining areas of focus and next steps in the finalisation of the plan.

Some items of feedback addressed individual sections of the draft plan, making specific recommendations on how to add to, or revise content. Other items of feedback discussed new ideas that could be linked to existing sections.

This includes a request for increased information and detail in relation to each of the plan’s commitments, including clear lines of accountability as well as how each commitment contributes to the key goals of profitability, confidence and unity. Revisions will be made to supporting appendices on growth scenarios and measurement of farm profitability.

The partner organisations will include feedback recommendations in the final plan where they are aligned to the overall intent of the Dairy Plan, are compelling, and are evidence-based.

On behalf of the ADP Committee, I would like to acknowledge the time and effort invested in the preparation of feedback by all industry stakeholders. It was clear from the feedback received that there was an overwhelming sense of hope and a common goal of striving for a more valued and successful dairy industry.

Kind regards,

John Brumby AO
Independent Chair
Australian Dairy Plan