The Australian Dairy Plan will set priorities for the dairy industry for the next five years and beyond to create a more profitable, confident and united Australian dairy industry.

Key themes for change

The dairy industry has come together and voiced its views about what is needed to shape the future of Australian dairy. Over 1,500 farmers, service providers, processors, retailers, investors and other key stakeholders participated in nationwide consultation for the Australian Dairy Plan from May through to July 2019. Find out about common themes from the consultation phase.

Finalisation of the Australian Dairy Plan

A draft of the Australian Dairy Plan was published on 6 December 2019 and consultation on this document closed on 2 March 2020. Finalisation of the plan has been slightly delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions, however we remain committed to its delivery in order to start rolling out some key initiatives from 1 July 2020, with preliminary work already underway in some areas.

Joint Transition Team Report

Reform of industry structures and advocacy arrangements emerged as a key theme during the consultation phase of the Australian Dairy Plan. A Joint Transition Team (JTT) was formed to consider options for reform and its recommendations were published in a report on 29 January 2020. Since its release there has been considerable feedback, discussion and debate as we work to further refine and shape the proposal for industry reform. Dairy businesses can continue to provide their feedback to member organisations (such as state farming organisations and Australian Dairy Farmers, or the Australian Dairy Products Federation) and/or organisations that deliver levy-based services (Dairy Australia and Regional Development Programs). Direct feedback to the Australian Dairy Plan Committee is also welcome and can be sent to

An Engagement and Design Team will support discussions underway with dairy organisations and prepare for public engagement sessions once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. The objective is to hold a vote by the end of the year, subject to review and remaining mindful of current circumstances.

Australian Dairy Plan timeline:

Australian Dairy Plan timeline April 2020 update  

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    The Australian Dairy Plan will be formed from the collective views of each region and member of the industry.

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    A summary of the workshops, interviews and OurSay forum consultations.

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    Key directions and commitments for delivering transformational change.

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