Feedback deadline for draft Australian Dairy Plan extended to 2 March 2020

The feedback period for the draft Australian Dairy Plan published on 6 December 2019 has been extended until Monday 2 March 2020. This is to allow dairy industry stakeholders more time to provide their views on the draft plan, particularly in light of ongoing challenges that continue to impact on the industry such as the recent bushfires and ongoing drought conditions.

The process for providing feedback remains unchanged and can be provided either online or in writing to:

Australian Dairy Plan Feedback
Australian Dairy Industry Council
Orion House
Level 2, 22 William Street
VIC 3000

The Australian Dairy Plan will be finalised and released in April 2020.

Feedback on the Joint Transition Team’s report on a proposed new dairy industry structure

As was communicated at the time of the launch of the Joint Transition Team’s (JTT) report on 29 January 2020, there will be a period of further industry consultation to shape and refine the recommended model for a proposed new dairy industry structure, prior to this going to a vote. The feedback period for the JTT report will extend beyond 2 March 2020 and a due date will be provided shortly. The translation of the JTT’s report into a concrete and achievable industry structure is a complex and challenging task potentially affecting many individuals, organisations and stakeholder interests. Consequently, the process to undertake this task will occur in parallel to the creation of the Australian Dairy Plan (ADP) and will follow different timeframes.

Feedback on the JTT report can either be provided by dairy businesses through their member organisations (such as state farming organisations and Australian Dairy Farmers, or the Australian Dairy Products Federation) and/or organisations that deliver levy-based services (Dairy Australia and Regional Development Programs) or directly to the ADP Committee via email to There will be a vote, ideally held mid-year, to consider a new industry structure.