Australian Dairy Plan announces membership of Joint Transition Team

Membership of a dairy industry taskforce advising on options for reform of industry organisational structures has been announced by partner organisations of the Australian Dairy Plan.

Reform of current dairy industry structure and advocacy arrangements was highlighted as a priority issue at regional workshops held across Australia and at a national workshop held on July 30/31.

A Joint Transition Team (or JTT) has been appointed to recommend options for transformational change, which will form part of the plan’s report to be published by the end of the year. It will report to the Australian Dairy Plan Committee, comprising the Chairs of the four partner organisations and Independent Chair John Brumby.

Membership of the Joint Transition Team

Shirley Harlock (Victoria) 

Bruce Donnison (Victoria/ Tasmania)

Adam Jenkins (Victoria)

Lauren Finger (Victoria)

Wes Judd (Queensland)

Michele Lawrence (Tasmania)

Greg McNamara (NSW)

Malcolm Holm (NSW)

Explaining the need for a dedicated team to advise on industry structures within the overall work of the Australian Dairy Plan, John Brumby commented:

“The number one issue during Dairy Plan consultation meetings was reform of current industry structure and advocacy arrangements. In response we’ve established a dedicated taskforce to recommend options for transformational change.

“We opened up the application process for membership of this taskforce, to ensure that anyone with relevant experience had the opportunity to be considered. We received more than thirty applications, all of an extremely high standard. From these applications, we’ve appointed a strong team which can bring an enormous amount to this process along with an independent view.

“Ensuring that dairy has the most effective, agile and well-resourced structure is an absolutely crucial element for us to get right. We can learn from other industries which have successfully reformed their organisational structures.

“We all agree on the potential for dairy to speak more clearly with a strong and unified voice, to direct combined resources to industry priorities, to be more nimble in addressing challenges, to be more streamlined and remove duplication.”

For a summary of key outcomes from the national workshop of the Australian Dairy Plan held in Melbourne at the end of July and other information, visit the Consultation Summary page.  

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