Working Groups

Working groups including a cross-section of skilled industry representatives have been established to further support the industry engagement and design process in three key areas: processors involvement, governance and representation.

1. Processors involvement: Processors participation in a single industry body is being worked through, including a sustainable funding mechanism – with a mandated levy being one option (and how this would work and the quantum).

Working group

  • Grant Crothers (Lead)
  • James Downey
  • Tony Girgis
  • John Williams
  • Janine Waller

2. Governance: to consider how decisions should be made in a reform model that is representative of all sides of industry.

Working group

  • Bruce Donnison (Lead)
  • Victoria Taylor
  • Roseanne Healy
  • Janine Waller
  • David Nation

3. Representation: to consider how to strengthen advocacy without compromising delivery of RD&E via a single levy, while still ensuring there is a strong capacity to proactively participate in cross-commodity issues at both a state and federal level.

Working group

  • Jeff Odgers (Lead)
  • John Versteden
  • Simone Jolliffe
  • David Inall
  • David Nation

The working groups include a cross-section of skilled industry representatives. Working group Leads have been given the mandate to identify people whose experience and skills will help them progress their tasks as they come to hand and it is expected that they’ll call on a range of expertise as appropriate throughout the intensive design stage. People called on to date for this assistance have come from both the farming and processing sectors, each with particular expertise in organisational change.

The CEOs/MDs of Australian Dairy Farmers, Australian Dairy Products Federation and Dairy Australia are included as observers along with Engagement Lead David Palmer, given the likely impacts to these organisations in the event that a whole of industry model is supported.

The working group for processors involvement comprises representatives of this sector, reflecting its focus on the mechanics of processor involvement (e.g. representation, funding) should there be support for processing companies to form part of a new, whole of industry.