Consultation Schedule

The Engagement and Design Team (supporting the Organisational Reform Steering Committee) will arrange to meet with industry representative bodies, individuals and interested parties over coming weeks and months. It is expected that a series of public consultation meetings will also be organised once current restrictions have been lifted and once the there is sufficient detail around the implications of each option, both positive and negative, that are currently under development by the design team. 

Although the formal written feedback period to the JTT Report is now closed, entities or individuals wishing to provide a written submission that speaks to design fundamentals that address the goals of the Australian Dairy Plan, are encouraged and should be sent to

If you are part of a group of farmers or processors who would like the opportunity to share your perspectives on what structural reform should look like, please request a meeting by Zoom by emailing

More information about the schedule of consultations will be added to this page and regular updates will be provided by the organisational Reform Steering Committee via the News page.