Organisational Reform

Reform of industry structures and advocacy arrangements was one of the key themes that emerged during the nationwide consultation phase of the Australian Dairy Plan. A Joint Transition Team (JTT) was appointed as part of the Dairy Plan process to consider options for reform. The JTT’s subsequent report and recommendations is now undergoing industry consultation through an engagement and design process led by the Organisational Reform Steering Committee.

Organisational Reform Steering Committee

An Organisational Reform Steering Committee will be formed, comprising two Directors from three of the Dairy Plan partner organisations (Australian Dairy Farmers, Australian Dairy Products Federation and Dairy Australia). This committee will oversee the development of reform options, ensure strong industry engagement and an appropriate vote to create a reformed industry structure. The Steering Committee will continue to function until replaced by an Establishment Board of a new organisation, or until a decision is made to conclude structural reform activities.

The Terms of Reference for the Organisational Reform Steering Committee is available here.

Engagement and Design Team

An Engagement and Design Team has been appointed to support the Steering Committee in its work, with professional services firm EY acting as Design Lead and former Meat & Livestock Australia Managing Director David Palmer acting as Engagement Lead.

The Engagement and Design Team will arrange to meet with industry representative bodies, individuals and interested parties over coming weeks and months. It is expected that a series of public consultation meetings will also be organised once current restrictions have been lifted.

Joint Transition Team

The Joint Transition Team (JTT) was established in September 2018 in response to overwhelming feedback from across industry during the consultation phase of the Australian Dairy Plan, about the need for transformational change to industry structures and advocacy arrangements.

The eight person group of industry participants from across the dairy supply chain was appointed to form the JTT. Selection criteria for these appointments can be found in an overview document along with further information about the JTT. Read the media release announcing membership of the JTT.

The JTT’s recommendations on reform of industry structures and advocacy arrangements were published in a report on 29 January 2020. Read the Joint Transition Team Report and accompanying media release. Refer to the Q&A document for any questions relating to the report.