Issue 1: Message from the Organisational Reform Steering Committee

Dear Dairy Industry Stakeholder,

Organisational Reform is the dairy industry’s response to the Australian Dairy Plan’s Commitment 1: We will reform our dairy industry structures and how we work together to create a more cohesive dairy industry and a more influential advocacy voice. .

The reform process will progress the Australian Dairy Plan and builds on work done by the Joint Transition Team (JTT), whose recommendations on reform of industry structures and advocacy arrangements were published in January 2020.

In May 2020, the Australian Dairy Plan leaders appointed an Organisational Reform Steering Committee (ORSC), whose role is to guide the structural reform process from this point.

The ORSC comprises two representatives from each Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF), Australian Dairy Product Federation (ADPF) and Dairy Australia (DA):

  • Terry Richardson, ADF
  • Bruce Donnison, ADF
  • Grant Crothers, ADPF
  • John Williams, ADPF
  • James Mann, DA
  • Jeff Odgers, DA 

The committee will be supported by the CEOs of each organisation and their mandate includes the task of governing the engagement and design process. Read the Full Terms of Reference.

Former MLA Managing Director David Palmer has been appointed as the lead of the reform and engagement process and consulting firm Ernst Young has been commissioned to develop the detail around new structural options for industry to consider and ultimately vote upon.

The ORSC is committed to extensive consultation.

It is currently overseeing the preparation of a series of model options and the associated detail of each as a starting point for consultation.

Initial consultations will be delivered remotely to industry leadership groups via the Zoom platform, but all detailed consultations will be delayed until COVID19 restrictions permit, to ensure full and frank deliberation in face-to-face forums. This schedule will be developed as soon as it is appropriate to do so.


All communications from the reform committee in relation to the reform process will be distributed by Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) to a subscriber database, that includes all persons who participated in the Australian Dairy Plan, plus anyone who chooses to subscribe via the website.

Your direct contact with the ORSC is encouraged at any point by emailing